Cardinal House Press?

Cardinal House Press evolved out of the clinical work I conduct with children and families at Cardinal House. Cardinal House is our sister company that provides psychological intervention services to individuals throughout the lifespan, while specializing in the treatment of children and their caregivers.

We imagined how great it would be if parents and caregivers had access to information found in attachment texts or other affective neuroscience materials, and mused how it would be great to make this information readily available for parents, caregivers and teachers so that they too could benefit from the research and share what psychologists know, what facilitates fostering positive attachments with children. Voila – that seed idea blossomed into Cardinal House Press.

The goal of writing innovative books, that are designed for children and their caregivers, came from the intention of wanting to provide accessible work that could aid children in navigating their feelings and their relationships with others. We recognize that every child or caregiver may not have the resources readily available to utilize mental health professionals. Our materials could aid any child and caregiver in enhancing their relationships with self and others.

We strive to create works of ethical meaning and relevance to children and their caregivers.

We desire to give them readily accessible tools that they could employ immediately. We also want to aid them in knowing how to help themselves, by providing lighthearted yet intentional books that promote positive change.

We want our books to encourage the reader to continue to grow and take risks. It’s important for us to use humor so that our reader will lean into the meaningful material. We also want to encourage children and their caregivers to have a positive experience of learning about their feelings together.

We want our books to encourage the reader to continue to grow and take risks.

Our storybooks can be used as a tool, to return to again and again, to achieve mastery of a situation or to reinforce a concept that is paramount to a part of the child’s development.

While there is a place for “art form” in children’s books, there is a dearth of material that provides answers or a “how to” platform readily inoculating the child and their caregivers, helping them to grow together to foster enhanced communication between them.

We believe that it’s a natural desire to want to have positive relationships; however, sometimes individuals become stuck because they don’t know how to do it differently and are missing some key skills. Cardinal House Press hopes to be a part of this remedy and evolution of personal growth in the inner lives of children and those whom they love.

About Dr. Tina Arorash, Ph.D.

Dr. Arorash received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University in New York City.

She received two Master’s Degrees from Columbia University and has a Master’s Degree from Harvard University.

She pursued her undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo.

Her clinical training took place in the U.S. and Canada. She trained at the following settings: children’s hospitals, children’s rehabilitation hospital, outpatient mental health centers, college counseling centers and community mental-health centers.

Dr. Arorash is published in three peer-reviewed journal articles and assisted in the preparation for the instructor’s manual for Sue and Sue’s seminal textbook, Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice (4th Edition). She presented at U.S. national conferences and received specialized training in childhood trauma, attachment, ADHD, EMDR, Expert Testimony for Court, and Dyadic Developmental Therapy amongst others.

She is affiliated with several professional memberships, including: AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), APA (American Psychological Association), CHADD, and EMDR.
Most recently, she published her first children’s book, Oops – To Feeling Good, an innovative book for children and their caregivers about the importance of repairing the child-caregiver bond after a rupture in their relationship.

Our Mission

Cardinal House is on a Mission


To create children’s books and works of ethical meaning and purpose.


Empower children to believe and trust in themselves.


Teaching children about the power of developing a healthy inner life.


Focus on where individuals can have great impact in their lives: their thoughts, words and actions.


Writing authentically (telling the truth to children).


To impart hope – seeds of promise; teaching them how to create happiness.


Making psychological theory, developments in affective neuroscience, and attachment theory accessible to children and their parents/caregivers .


To provide multicultural reading material to children and their families, illustrating ethnically and racially diverse characters and story content.


Creating educational and therapeutic tools that are accessible and fun.


To provide a trustworthy resource for children where they can find books that inspire and support their emotional, psychological, social, and interpersonal growth.


Enhance the spiritual growth of children (instill hope, self-acceptance and self-worth).

About the Name

Why Cardinal House?

In our family, the cardinal (often referred to as the “red bird”) carries special significance for us. It is a spirit-filled symbol that reminds us that we are never alone. No matter what we’re carrying emotionally, the cardinal appears to help provide clarity, direction and illuminates purpose.

The word cardinal and the cardinal bird are noted for many splendid attributes, such as: direction, significance, and something of fundamental importance.

The birdhouse has relevance to our mission as well.

Birdhouses provide safety for youngsters to evolve successfully, much like the psychological support that is offered to children. Cardinal House provides them with a safe place to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviour while nurturing them in evolving successfully, as they learn more about their feelings and grow in their understanding of themselves and their family, and the world around them.

We named our clinical practice, Cardinal House. This name continues and expands, and has evolved into our sister company, Cardinal House Press, our publishing house company.

About Boris

Boris is a Tasmanian labradoodle.

He’s the muse behind the Boris Book Series and the Feeling Card set. Boris is an integral member of the Cardinal House team. He works well with clients of all ages (children through adult) and aids clients in feeling safe and comforted during their therapy sessions. He has a way of lightening the mood and encourages clients to take greater therapeutic risks in their treatment. Many clients ask for him by name, “Is Boris in today?” Most often, he’s paid for his services in chicken, salmon, and other delectable treats, toys, walks and swims.